How to install kitchen cabinets in Nottingham?

In the past, you needed to hire a carpenter to make kitchen cabinets or spent hours making and installing them yourself. Nowadays, all you have to do is go to the store and buy them ready to put up when you get home.

Prior to install kitchen cabinets, first consider the right type of cabinet to achieve a certain look or serve a specific function. The factors that should be considered prior to choosing the right kitchen cabinets are the type of wood, door styles, color, drawer types, molding and hardware, etc.

The three categories of kitchen cabinets are custom, semi custom and stock.

Stock cabinets are made of particleboard and are available in limited styles and colors. The wood often used is cherry, oak and maple. Although they cannot be altered in terms of size, they can be detailed with trims and moldings to create a better look.

Semi custom cabinets have more wood to choose from and a variety of styles and finishes. Wood choices include pine, pecan and hickory. The width, depth and height can be changed.

Custom cabinets make use of ¾ inch of plod that can go up to $1,500 per foot. The client chooses the style, width, finish and wood to be used.

Modern trends in cabinetry are the use of a variety of finishes. To cover stains and create depth, glazes can be used. Hardware is also important, hinges and glides are more modern with steeper prices.

Stock cabinets usually can be delivered right away, since they are always available in stores. Semi custom cabinets take from four to six week to deliver, and custom cabinets take at least one or two months to be built and delivered.

Nowadays, average consumers have taken more interest and are better educated on everything that relates to their homes. People normally come into showrooms armed with the specific things that they want for their kitchen cabinets.

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